The development of this Chihuahua kennel has come from my love for dogs in general. From a very young age it was impossible for me to stay away from my Grandmother's
two dogs! I was then so small I could barely walk, as many old photopraphs from our family albums show!
I always have had a close relationship, even a "chemistry", with that beautiful and intelligent animal, the dog.
When I was 21, I bought my first dog, a Golden Retriever and immediately joined the dog club in Delft and enrolled in the puppy training courses, followed by all the
obedience training activities that were available.
Unfortunately, my first dog showed severe behavioral problems which made it necessary for to me to take private lessons from an experienced professional who was
specialized in such problems as opposed to obedience training. I followed many private lessons and certainly learned a lot.
During this period I also attended a large number of symposiums (workshops) from speakers well known in the dog world.
After my first dog, I had another two golden retrievers with who, in addition to the usual behavioral and obedience classes, I also followed hunting training, obviously
only with dummies!. During that period I started to become involved in exhibiting the dogs at exhibitions.
A few years later I became a mother and, although I always wanted to breed my own litter from my own dogs, I had to put away this desire for a while as at that
period of my life there simply was no time or space for it. After a number of years having lived without dogs (the kids were grown up in the
meantime) we started to visit dog shows again, to see all the breeds and just gain further experience from these exhibitions.
Then, one memorable day we stopped at the ring of the Chihuahuas and it was just impossible for us to move onwards. We were so attracted by these beautiful brave
small little dogs! They may have been little dogs but we noticed their "big attitude" right away!!
A new love was born and several visits to serious breeders followed, broadening our knowledge about this special breed.
After some time we made our choice with respect to the bloodlines choices and then we very selectively bought some wonderful pedigree Chihuahua's from top breeders, to whom we are still grateful.
Although both our daughters Danielle and Mylene are very busy with their education they love spending time with the dogs, following the training classes and to show the dogs at exhibitions.
It seems that we have made the right choices because our dogs have achieved excellent results at International Exhibitions. Health, beauty and character are very important criteria in the assessments conducted by the judges.
Taking a serious approach, we applied for the registration of an official kennel name by the Dutch Kennel club, the leading body in Dutch Dog breeding, which was
granted to us! A dream became true ...